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When to Hire a Pro

September 13, 2016

Lots of projects around the house can be taken on by someone with a little bit of knowledge and a bunch of ambition.  Then there are the projects which cannot.   For the best results and value for your money, consider the pros and cons of hiring a professional:


The Right Tools
While the vaulted ceiling in your great room is a wonderful addition to your home, painting the wall to the ceiling will pose a problem: how to reach the uppermost sections?  At best, shaky, unstable extension ladders, spending money to rent scaffold at worse –  offsetting the cost and getting an excellent result, this is the perfect time to contemplate the benefits of hiring a pro – safety concerns aside.


The Right Prep
Many homeowners have ideas about how they want their home to look, without the necessary expertise to get there.  Because professional painters do this work for a living, they have already accumulated that knowledge and experience; they know which products to use and the steps required to finish a surface perfectly.  If the project is the inside of a closet in the back bedroom, this is an ideal time to practise… if it’s the accent wall in the living room, however… instead of settling for a mediocre job, maybe get a quote or two.


The Right Cost
Consider this: you have wanted to paint the exterior of your house for some time, you even have the perfect colour picked out. You’re pretty confident you can handle the job, and it’s going to look gorgeous when you’re done. Now let’s look at the particulars: how does the surface need to be prepped? Does the surface require stain or paint? Spray on? Roll on? Brush on? Ladders and scaffold? How are the tools to be cleaned? Waste disposal? And perhaps the biggest question: do you have the time to dedicate to completing the job? Lots of DIY projects can save money, many, many more cannot.


So, when it comes time to refinish part of all of your home, take the time to get a quote or two from reputable paint companies in your area.  Once all factors are considered, you might be surprised at the cost versus value and delighted with the finished and professional result.

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