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Trends in Siding Colours

June 1, 2016

Exterior Home Colours

Settling on a colour for the exterior of your home is not an easy decision – many factors combine to end in either success or failure – we’re hoping to help make the process a little more stress-free.

Perhaps start with a stroll around your neighbourhood – is there a common denominator in colour?  The choice then is whether to fit in or stand out, keeping in mind curb appeal and how the colour might affect resale values.  A cotton candy pink house in a cul de sac of browns and blue-grays may not offer the best return on investment… and because the colour is something that you will look at every day, make sure it’s one you like!

This year, an old trend is re-emerging: hearkening back to 1960s suburbia, many home owners are opting for bright white.  This colour, paired with some eye catching landscaping provides a clean and traditional look that is both welcoming and versatile.

Traditional exterior house colour

For something different, a mix and match of bold and deep shades can show off your personality while staying with more muted tones will create a homey and comfortable feel.  Another consideration is the colour of your home’s roof – do you want the exterior colour to compliment or contrast the roof?

Exterior house colour

Still not sure?  Bring in some photos of your house and neighbourhood, our paint experts will be happy to help.

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