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Benjamin Moore

Cranbrook Paint & Moore


Cranbrook Paint & Moore is committed to offering excellent paints that are easy to work with, easy to maintain and last for years. By choosing high-quality paints, you’ll get greater coverage and a vibrant coat that is durable and cleanable. We offer interior and exterior paints with a variety of finish options in thousands of colors—all of which will provide the results you expect.

Benjamin Moore

Regal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint

Regal Select is a paint and primer that is available in flat, matte, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss finishes. All finishes are easy to apply, highly washable, low odor, mildew resistant and provide excellent hide. It also includes Benjamin Moore’s proprietary waterborne resins and zero-VOC colorants.


Aura® Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior combines Benjamin Moore’s proprietary resins and Color Lock® technology for colorful and durable coverage. Aura Exterior Paint protects against cracking, peeling, and fading and is mildew and stain resistant. Aura Exterior Paint is available in thousands of colors.

Aura Exterior is available in flat, low lustre, satin and semi-gloss finishes. All finishes provide great hide and coverage, adhesion, resistance to paint deterioration, a smooth finish, low-temperature application, soap-and-water cleanup, and fast dry and re-coat times. They also resist blistering, alkali, dirt, and fumes and typically are self-priming. Aura Exterior Paint comes with a lifetime warranty.


ben® Zero-VOC Paint

ben is a zero-VOC/low odor paint that applies easily, is very durable and covers well. ben is available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes. All finishes are easy to apply, available in all colors, low-odor, zero-VOC (even after tinting) and self-priming on most surfaces. The flat finish allows for easy touch-ups, provides great hide and is spatter resistant. It provides excellent coverage for ceilings and low traffic areas. The semi-gloss finish dries to a uniform semi-gloss finish and is best used on areas that need frequent cleaning, including trim, cabinets, doors and wall surfaces.



Manor Hall® Interior/Exterior Paint

Manor Hall® Interior/Exterior Paint is versatile a high-gloss finish inside and outside the home. Its unique 100% acrylic formula provides hard, brushable and scrubbable coverage that’s easy to apply.

Manor Hall’s increased titanium dioxide (TiO2) levels allow for extreme hide on interior trim and cabinets and exterior trim and doors. It is best used on prepared and primed interior wood, plaster and drywall, as well as exterior doors, trim, masonry and metal.


Regency® Paint + Primer Interior/Exterior Latex Paint

Regency® Paint + Primer Interior/Exterior Latex Paint is a high quality interior/exterior paint and primer in one that provides excellent coverage, durability and stain resistance. It is a 100% acrylic latex product with a glossy finish that applies smoothly and is hard, brushable, adhesive and scrubbable.

It is low-VOC and low odor, provides high color retention, and resists cracking, peeling and flaking. It’s easy to apply, allows for great flow and leveling, and is mold and mildew-resistant.